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SilkChain is the first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade and consumer spending ecosystem. Silk represented the common currency in ancient international trade. SilkChain is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO, in where Silk represents the digital token.


Founded in Singapore in 2017, ITDC has jurisdiction over the International Digitalization Trade Foundation and is committed to establishing a decentralized global digital free trade zone. ITDC applies blockchain technology to develop a new generation of platform with smart contract. And here, named this network the SilkChain.


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SilkChain has been recorded and highly rated by the most international professional blockchain rating agencies. They conducted comprehensive data tracking and professional evaluation of SilkChain's project idea, business model, product, team, reputation, community activity, website and white paper, etc.

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Why SilkChain


SilkChain Decentralized Global Free Trade Zone

Application Case

In 10300 marketplaces around the world, there are conglomerates, wholesale markets, logistics companies, traders from more than 20 countries, gathering tens of millions scale of user capacity. The founding team or the first partners of SilkChain are the initial investors, consumers to drive SilkChain to be applied.

  • Paloma Shopway

    Paloma was founded as a distribution company using tiered sales system or better known as MLM(Multi-Level Marketing). Paloma brings quality products that meet the needs and wishes of the Indonesian women to all corners.

  • Bahrain Dragon City

    Annual turnover reaches $200 millions, with more than 500 merchants, and the average daily flow rate reaches 30,000.

  • Great Way(USA)

    As an integrated solution provider for international trade and transportation, Great Way has more than 80,000 overseas business channel resources with annual container capacity of 90,000 TEU.



Complete SilkChain local service solutions, providing cross-border e-commerce IT Function.


Complete SilkChain business matchmaking solution  where silk token will be used as credit pledge to improve the efficiency and remove the intermediation as well as the commission pattern.

Complete SilkChain trade finance solution short term goal, using credit insurers model supporting semi-manual supply chain finance and accumulate experience for the long-term goal.

Start R&D on SilkChain 2.0, a consortium technology with smart contract supported


Upgrade App into DAPP, with reliable transaction data stored in the SilkChain’s blockchain layer.


Complete SilkChain Cross-border Payment Solution, with Migrant Bird Finance and other financial institute linked into SilkChain, with the stable value token--Silk Dollar issued.


Complete smart contract development and testing.

Complete trade finance solution long-term goal via smart contract function.

Complete the P2P platform, which can introduce global individual investors via smart contract function.

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