Official SilkChain Ecosystem Application

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Reminder:  to users who have installed SilkAll Beta, in the interest of your asset safety, please uninstall the Beta APP, before you install the formal version of SilkAll.

Detailed information
Content Summary

SilkAll is an open app market place platform, available for anyone wishing to join the SilkChain ecosystem.


------ Core Functions ------

1. Silk token mining

2. Buy & Withdraw silk token

3. KYC verification

4. Send & Receive silk red packet

5. Various SilkAll apps browsing

6. Apply for SilkAll developer

Update date:2018-07-25
Size:15.8 MB
Age limit:4+
Compatibility:Android 4.0 & iOS 7.0 upgraded version is required.Compatible with iphone,ipad and ipod touch.
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