SilkContract is a DApp for the storage and authentication of contractual documents, with integration of SilkIdentity.

Unilateral deposit: one party may, in order to prove its ownership of digitized documents (texts, images, audio, video), etc., store the relevant documents in a distributed blockchain system that provides privacy protection.

Multi-party contract closure: service process for a limited number of parties to conclude a digital contract through a certain process. The whole process is transparent to all participants in the chain to prevent tampering and denial.

data exchange or lookup: After the deposit, user can initiate point-to-point encrypted data exchange. Such transactions guarantee data can be decrypted only by authorized parties.

SilkSupply - cross border supplychain management

SilkSupply is a supply chain management DApp, providing users with efficient operation of the supply chain and end-to-end visibility.

The supply chain is a complex structure composed of logistics, information flow and capital flow, which connects suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and traders. The blockchain technology as a large-scale collaboration tools, is particularly suited for such a task.

SilkSupply enables data to be transparent and open to all parties involved in the transaction, resulting in a complete and fluid flow of information throughout the supply chain, ensuring that all parties concerned are aware of problems in the operation of the supply chain system and are targeted To find ways to solve the problem, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of supply chain management.

In addition, the blockchain guarantees that the data cannot be tampered with and the the timestamp can be used to solve the disputes between the participating parties. Resolving disputes and insurance claims through smart contracts allows control of the entire life cycle of the supply chain.

SilkFinance trade financing

SilkFinance is a supply chain finance DApp that provides users with efficient operation of the supply chain and end-to-end visibility.

Majority of the users of logistics supply chain are small, medium and micro enterprises. Such companies generally have a low credit rating. Many enterprises do not even have credit rating and cannot obtain financing from banks or financial institutions. SilkFinance is a DApp based on silkchain. It provides personalized trade financing services to merchants with liquidity needs, and solves financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises in the supply chain.

There are three types of financing business: deposit financing, receivables financing and inventory financing. However in essence, these financing products are based on the participantsa?? abilities to fulfill the contract. The underwriting process involves the whole value chain from material procurement, processing, production and sales. The ability of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, end buyers determine the financing conditions for different participants. A full range of financing and credit can be provided by SilkFinance


SilkExchange is a wallet and exchange DApp that enables users to distribute and trade digital assets in the Silkchain ecosystem.

In the ecosystem, Silk is the only smart contract fuel and the currency of value transfer in the initial DApps network. Service providers also will wish to issue digital assets or business tokens associated with their businesses. The silkchain provides this foundational capability. Distribution usually requires the service provider to issue a chain of smart contracts based on the SDAR10 protocol to be distributed as a digital asset. The Silkexchange provides a visual user interface that greatly simplifies the distribution process.

SilkExchange also provides complete wallet interface and currency trading service to support transactions, deposit, transfer and redemption of Silk based tokens.For digital assets issued on SilkExchange that are publicly listed (including digital virtual currencies), SilkExchange has native support for currency transactions between those tokens and Silk, including the following transactional modes:?Point-to-point transactions: SilkExchange serves as both a trading intermediary and a guarantor.?Match bidding: SilkExchange match the user linked to pay orders and sell orders.

In the future, SilkExchange will gradually support trading with crypto currencies based on other blockchains.