SilkB2B - Global trading platform
Greatly simplifies the complex transaction flow
SilkB2B is the focal point of the DApp based Silkchain ecosystem. Most other DApps will be integrated into the platform to form a one-stop solution for merchants as well as service providers throughout the community.
SilkB2B - Global trading platform
The B2B trade service platform is an important application scenario that promotes business cooperation, order matching and business relations. SilkB2B invites the traditional B2B service organizations, B2B e-commerce service platforms, trade show service agencies and chamber of commerce service organizations around the world, and even invites traditional wholesale market
SilkB2B trade service platform has three typical user behavior:
the buyer: submit to the order matching service with her purchase request;
order matching service providers: match the buyers with sellers or trade services;
Seller: Submit the sell request to the order matching service provider.
Process brief:
The buyer may submit a purchase inquiry to SilkB2B and may offer a certain amount of Silk as bounty according to the urgency of the purchase order to receive direct attention and support from sellers all over the world. Match service providers may be traders, active contributors, and even SilkB2B smart matching algorithms. Match service providers will push the purchase information onto the inquiry sheet to find a matching seller as quickly as possible, and receive some Silk from the seller in return for the service. When seller submits a quotation to the buyer via SilkB2B, the buyer acknowledges the valid quotation, and the matching service provider and the seller will receive a certain amount of Silk for the service. This way, buyers and sellers, in a completely decentralized service environment, can directly identify business opportunities and reduce the intermediate costs. Moreover, Silk provides the necessary expenses to promote business matching and reduces overhead between buyers and sellers, real requests and reasonable offers, even if not resulting in a deal, will be recognized and rewarded. Both buyers and sellers can rate each other as credit data for the SilkB2B platform.
Real trade scene show
[ Multi-party trade negotiations ]
[ Digital SilkContract ]
For more scenes, please look up the white paper
The complex process of traditional trade will be easily adapted to the SilkB2B platform. The traditionally time consuming and high cost process of finding the right supplier, and service provider, with the help of SilkB2B, all can be completed easily with fingertips. All the data will be stored in the transaction blocks, at the same time as a buyer and seller accumulate credit in the ecosystem. Silk, as a medium for store of value in international trade, promotes a common business platform in the world of nonstandard, multilingual and multi-legal systems of global trade, using a consensus mechanism between different merchants in a diverse business environment, and easily completes the trade flow. This is the typical SilkB2B trade service platform use case.In order to quickly penetrate the global market, SilkB2B needs more partners to provide more applications, and thus attract more businesses. The Foundation provides a pre-agreed amount of Silk as an incentive for marketing promotion and works with the existing B2B online and offline organizations all over the world to promote the SilkB2B globally.