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Completed the functions of “order matching”, “silk smart contract”, live message”, “smart translating”, “business information”, “silkchain introduction”, “silkpower mission”, “silkpower ranking”, “referral invitation”, “silk details”, “rebates of wallet usage”, “rebates of shopping”“silk token wallet”“user incentive system” The silk application-B2C buyer version,named “E-dragon” will be released to the google play store and the apple store within this week.
1. Completed the function of sending pictures in lucky pocket and receiving the lucky poket before login, optimize style presentation and experience issues. 2. Completed the third-party API development for official wallets. 3. Completed the wallet verification code short message service provider SMS docking. 4. Completed the development of the second level display page of the Chinese official website of PC and mobile. 5. Completed the development and test of GuGe 2FA verification. 6. Adjusted
A brief introduction on SilkChain Investment & Partnership Presentation in Indonesia