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SilkChain has been Selected by CoinTiger as the Second IEO Project in 2019
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SilkChain Helps the Largest Wholesale and Retail Center of the Kingdom of Bahrain to Complete the IT Transformation
The Official Demonstration Project of SilkChain Ecological Community Super Node -Silk Selection Has Been Launched
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1. Support each Dapp team development and optimization 2. Dapp data monitoring spectaculars development, it is expected to output this week 3. Updated the content of the rating section on the official website 4. Development of the official website SILKALL secondary page, it is expected to be completed this week 5. Official website white paper update 6. The amount of money in the system background is optimized to 4 decimal places 7. Completed SILK PAY function development 8. Function opt
Today, Bahrain World Blockchain Congress closed in Bahrain. It is reported that this summit was hosted by Bahrain Goverment Authority and TRAICON EVENTS. Many government agencies have participated this summit, including Bahrain economic development committee, Bahrain blockchain management conference, Bahrain telecom authority, national petroleum and natural gas administration, Bahrain stock exchange and other government agencies.