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Crypto prices are falling, and it seems like there’s no bottom in sight — here are three reasons why the cryptocurrency market is down.
Despite the gloomy macro forecasts, some of crypto’s leading pundits view the recent macroeconomic-catalyzed crypto market crash as an overall positive sign for the industry.
A recent survey has revealed that out of those surveyed, a whopping 75% of investors in Asia-Pacific and Latin American emerging markets are looking to increase their exposure to cryptocurrency investments.
The firm's global investment strategy team said it wasn't too early to invest in crypto, but clearing regulatory roadblocks would likely create "higher quality investment options" in the future.
The research firm made numerous predictions about crypto in 2022 about the price, regulations, Bitcoin’s hash rate, and even the fate of XRP and ADA.
The investment firm's exposure to Bitcoin across three major funds totals roughly $303 million with 6,626,381 shares as of Sept. 30.
Digital analytics firm Chainalysis reported that the cryptocurrency market in Africa has grown significantly since last year in addition to the region having a larger share of overall retail transaction volume compared to the global average.
More than 80% of institutional investors polled who have already invested in digital assets expect to increase their exposure.
JPMorgan does not expect a bull run for Bitcoin over the medium term based on the BTC-to-gold volatility ratio.