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SilkChain has been Selected by CoinTiger as the Second IEO Project in 2019
The E-Commerce Platform Pasti Laku is Launched for the World's First
With the Development of SilkChain in Indonesian Market, More Buyers Want to Join the Silk Ecological Community
SilkChain Helps the Largest Wholesale and Retail Center of the Kingdom of Bahrain to Complete the IT Transformation
The Official Demonstration Project of SilkChain Ecological Community Super Node -Silk Selection Has Been Launched
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SilkChain, the world's first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade, has met investors in Jakarta, Indonesia. Qing Yi, the CEO of SilkChain; Djunaidi Lie, the CEO of PT Paloma Shopway (Paloma) and also the Vice President of ITDC; Steven Suhadi, the President of the Indonesian blockchain association; Teky Mailoa, the CEO of asset management of Sinarmas Land; and nearly one hundred other guests attended investment roadshow to discuss the development of blockchain.
Completed the functions of “order matching”, “silk smart contract”, live message”, “smart translating”, “business information”, “silkchain introduction”, “silkpower mission”, “silkpower ranking”, “referral invitation”, “silk details”, “rebates of wallet usage”, “rebates of shopping”“silk token wallet”“user incentive system” The silk application-B2C buyer version,named “E-dragon” will be released to the google play store and the apple store within this week.
1. Completed the function of sending pictures in lucky pocket and receiving the lucky poket before login, optimize style presentation and experience issues. 2. Completed the third-party API development for official wallets. 3. Completed the wallet verification code short message service provider SMS docking. 4. Completed the development of the second level display page of the Chinese official website of PC and mobile. 5. Completed the development and test of GuGe 2FA verification. 6. Adjusted
A brief introduction on SilkChain Investment & Partnership Presentation in Indonesia
Our information presentsation will be launched tomorrow in Djakarta,Indonesia. It will last for two days ( May 17th to 18th). We will introduce varies partners and DApps to all of you.
1. Wallet background Google secondary verification development. 2. Completed the development of wallet background KYC verification code verification function. 3. The continuous optimization of multi-language in the background of wallet. 4. SilkChain supports third-party authorization login development tests. 5. Finished the setting of the backstage of SilkChain. 6. Completed the development of the recommended agent link of REF which is limited to 10 and the official website & wallet backgroun
1. Completed the functions of “order matching”, “silk smart contract”, live message”, “smart translating”, “business information”, “silkchain introduction”, “silkpower mission”, “silkpower ranking”, “referral invitation”, “silk details”, “rebates of wallet usage”, “rebates of shopping”. 2. The development of “silk token wallet”. “user incentive system” has entered the final stage and is expected to be tested on May 10. 3. The prototype design of marketing service, logistic service, information
1. Completed the overall style of wallet background. 2. Completed the multi-language support development of wallet background. 3. System background manual acquisition verification code function development. 4. Background finance and community lucky packet statistical function development. 5. Official website third party application authorization access function development. 6. The name of the IM TOKEN wallet has been corrected, and it can be displayed normally. The ICO has not been updated, and
Invitation is coming! Please join our information presentsation from May 17th-18th in Indonesia. We want introduce varies partners and newly based apps to all of you, can't wait to see you soon !
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