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SilkChain has been Selected by CoinTiger as the Second IEO Project in 2019
The E-Commerce Platform Pasti Laku is Launched for the World's First
With the Development of SilkChain in Indonesian Market, More Buyers Want to Join the Silk Ecological Community
SilkChain Helps the Largest Wholesale and Retail Center of the Kingdom of Bahrain to Complete the IT Transformation
The Official Demonstration Project of SilkChain Ecological Community Super Node -Silk Selection Has Been Launched
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Compared with ordinary electronic seal, blockchain electronic seal has four advantages: more credible, more reliable, more convenient and more intelligent.
Nowadays, digital development makes it easier for enterprises to trade, but the complexity of B2B international trade has not been reduced, and the trust between buyers and sellers is still the core obstacle to cross-border trade.
From 2020 to now, under the influence of Sino US trade friction, cross-border e-commerce has not declined, but has risen against the market.
Jiang Guofei, the vice president of Ant Group and president of Intelligent Technology Business Group, said that blockchain is absolutely not only an Internet technology, but also a tool to link industries and "build roads" in the digital economy.
To protect the interests of investors, the official team of SilkChain now solemnly states that so far, only HITBTC ( Cointiger( have been officially confirmed to be the exchanges of SILK by SilkChain.
The technicians have updated the power tasks in SilkAll. Currently, the power tasks in SilkAll app in various versions have returned to normal.
By 2030, the demand for alternative currencies will rise, with digital currencies eventually replacing fiat currency, according to recent research from Deutsche Bank.
The fourth Singapore Fintech Festival was recently held in Singapore. On the last day of the festival, financial experts discussed the connection between blockchain and inclusive finance, one of the main themes of the event.
The rise of cryptocurrency driven by the new blockchain trend of China has become the focus of the major blockchain media around the world.