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Silk Will List on HitBTC Exchange Soon
SilkAll Has Been Officially Released and Made Its Debut in Global Conference
SilkChain: It's Time to Revolutionize International Trade!
SilkChain Global Roadshow Tour Q3 2018 and Steadily Push Forward Silk List on Exchange
SilkChain Project Gains Five-star Rating from Top Rating Agency IAP
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After 15 days App private beta test, SilkChain has improved the App performance and user experience. The App formal version is preparing to be released in public. Please stay tuned.
"Did you know that the most "recent" innovation in international trade is actually CONTAINERS?" Mr. Yi Qing, CEO of SilkChain at the Mauritius Blockchain Conference during his speech.
1. Support each DAPP technology development, including Interface optimization; 2. SilkAll was in the public beta and will be launched soon; 3. The optimization of SILK PAY functions includes updating page information and presentation of DAPP. After design is finished, it is expected that the follow-up optimization of SILK PAY functions will be done this month;
SilkChain presale has finished completely! By now, SilkChain is in the substantial process of listing. In order to promote SilkChain and achieve community development, SilkChain will take part in the global roadshow tour in the next two months as follows:
SilkChain presale stage 4 has finished completely! Thank you to all our supporters and participants. There are some achievements for SilkChain in the past few months just as follows: 1.The public beta of SilkChain Ecosystem App Market SilkAll will be launched soon after doing private beta test for many times; 2.The first global advertising blockchain technology based platform Odoor will be released soon; 3.Recently, SilkChain attended Korea Blockchain summit 2018 and Bahrain World Blockchain Co
As the first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade ecosystem, SilkChain received a five-star rating from the internationally renowned rating agency IAP recently. This is another perfect score for SilkChain after TrackICO.
1. SilkAll is in the process of testing and will be released soon; 2. Repair SilkAll's problems related to various types of mobile phones, network abnormality, mining abnormality and so on 3. Optimize the functions of SilkAll friend addition, computational power task, red packet application and lucky purchase application
1.Support each Dapp team development and optimization 2.Update website marketing banner content 3.Development of the official website SILKALL secondary page 4.Function optimization of SILK PAY
1. Completed the development and test of “mining", "wallet management", “KYC authentication”, "online recharge" and "online withdrawal" functions; 2. The SilkChain applications: completed the development of "lucky packet", “game”, “developer applications”, “guessing”, “view advertising” and "one yuan to buy". it is expected to be completed in this week.