The global SMEs are not only numerous, but also have a tremendous amount of orders every year, which reaches 20 trillion dollars. However, current cross-border trades of SMEs from factories to merchants involve a number of middlemen, which not only increases the intermediary costs, but also blocks the communication between merchants in face of end consumers and factory product design.

As the first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade and consumer spending ecosystem, SilkChain has launched the model of Silk Selection. It means we provide a way of cross-border direct purchase for overseas small and medium-sized buyers to help them to purchase directly from the Chinese factories.

To Shorten the Supply Chain for Low Price is the Core-Value of Cross-Border Direct Purchase

SilkChain has completed the initial integration of the supply chain as well as the connection between the centralized procurement center of Chinese manufacturers and global large-scale commercial nodes, especially the Belt-and-Road countries. We are going to create a powerful and open-source community of mutual trust. In different trading activities, each community member can be either a service receiver or a service provider.

For example, by the recruitment plans of Silk Selection, a Chinese factory joining the SilkChain ecosystem, he can log suppler management center to launch product information. After completing the order, the goods of factory will be sent to the Selection Preparatory Office, and by the freight transport company, goods will be sent to all over the world. In addition, suppliers can sell the goods directly to overseas small and medium-sized buyers and terminal clients in super node’s Selection platform. The biggest characteristic of this model is that due to greatly shorten the supply chain, the price is reduced greatly.


Through Silk the First Order of Half Million RMB Has Been Facilitated by Silk Node - Paloma

Now through Silk Selection platform, Silk Node–Paloma has ordered luggage goods worth 500,000 RMB from the Chinese factory, and paid portion Silk Token bought from the secondary market (HitBTC trading platform). This also indicates that Paloma has realized the introduction of Silk in commercial ecosystem with blockchain technology for improving the circulation of Silk.



Part of Order Presentation

SilkChain tries to solve several of pain points in this industry and build a “global blockchain free trade zone” technically by applying the blockchain technology. In free trade zones, SilkChain provides the bottom blockchain infrastructure and its Token system is introduced as the benchmark of value transmissions in trade activities between small and medium-sized merchants. Overseas small and medium-sized buyers can make the cross-border direct purchase with silk for purchasing directly from the Chinese factories. Without middlemen, overseas small and medium-sized buyers will reduce procurement costs, the factories will make more profits and consumers will get more affordable prices.

SilkChain will launch Paloma series and update every progress, please stay tuned! To know more information about SILK Super Node Election, please download official application SilkAll in time and the download link is