SilkChain is the first project in the world that dedicates blockchain technology to improving international trade and consumer spending ecology. In order to make trade economy tokenized, SilkChain has launched the Silk Tokenization for global commodity cities, traders and trade service providers. 

The SilkChain global enterprises Silk Tokenization is a lightweight blockchain improvement of traditional enterprises in payment, transfer, account management and cross-chain asset management through Dapp applications, digital wallets, smart contract templates customized by SilkChain. Meanwhile, it can also have the services of software customization, low-cost marketing, as well as the finance of supply chains and consumption. Additionally, it uses the fundamental SDK, API and middleware to provide customized blockchain applications for mature companies. All of those can be supplied by third-party service companies that are introduced by SilkChain.

Based on Silk, SilkPay is a global crypto currency payment service platform, providing crypto currency payment for global users. Users can complete crypto currency payment and settlement with SilkPay. It is dedicated to meeting the lightweight blockchain improvement needs of ecological partners for payment and transfer. To build community prosperity, SilkPay will improve the $12 trillion SMEs cross-border trade payment market.

About SilkPay

SilkPay is the global leader online payment platform. Its core members are from senior Internet payment industries and operation of international e-commerce enterprises. With a complete risk prevention mechanism, SilkPay has rich experience in payment operation and management.

SilkPay provides convenient electronic payment service to meet the worldwide demand of customers. Such as crypto currency payment, global bank cable transfer and payment gateway.

Transfer service of SilkPay is fast and efficient of which the fees are lower than that of traditional transfer service, and its digital cryptography is more secure.

The Four Advantages of SilkPay

1. Payment

Customers can pay Silk online or offline via SilkPay to merchants.

2. Currency Converter

It supports the legal tender price, payment of crypto currency as well as the settlement of crypto currency.

3. Recharge

Customers can transfer crypto currency to SilkPay wallet address. 

4. Withdraw

SilkPay allows users to withdraw Silk to their wallet address.

The Development of SilkPay

In August 2018, SilkPay was officially launched.

In September 2018, the development of SilkPay third-party one-step payment application was completed and officially launched.Users can turn on or off the one-step payment function online.

Since SilkPay was officially launched less than two months ago, nearly 30 Dapps have applied for SilkPay service, among which six have been approved and used.

Currently SilkPay has opened developer functions to Dapp within the SilkChain ecosystem, providing Silk online collection, recharge and withdrawal functions for Dapp. After online application for developer functions, Dapps can download developer documents for developing SilkPay and enjoy online payment service.

Contact SilkPay

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