By now, SilkChain has been in the substantial process of listing. There are several exchanges on which Silk may be listed, such as Bitfinex, HitBTC, Indodax, Aex, BitoPro and so on. What’s more, most of documents for listing have been submitted. Considering the current situation of the cryptocurrency market, SilkChain will hold a voting activity for community to decide whether Silk lists now or later waiting for market opportunities. Based on the voting result, SilkChain will push the listing process and the vote details are as follows:

1. The voting will be held on September 1st to 2nd of local time in Singapore for 48 hours;

2. The voting channel will be opened in SilkChain wallet and official application SilkAll;

3. The voting is only for members of SilkChain who are KYC verified. Unverified KYC Members need to make KYC verification as soon as possible to participate in the voting.

If there is any update or change of this voting, it will be noticed on the three official channels: SilkChain Website, SilkAll Service Groups and Official Telegram Groups. Thanks for your support and cooperation!

To know more information about SilkChain, please download official application SilkAll in time and the download link is

International Trade Digitization Commission 

August 28th, 2018