Recently, SilkChain team has arrived in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The team begins operations of Silk Super Node Franchisee Service Center, which depends on enough cross-border e-commerce creation experience, fully integrates global supply chain resources and provides services for super nodes or nodes in Indonesia. Besides, the Plan of Silk Super Node Franchisee in Indonesia with Silk-Node Paloma has been begun.


Facing Indonesia, the world's fourth largest consumer market, the SilkChain team first enters the Indonesian market through the luggage and bag products. SilkChain team not only established Silk Supply Chain Service Center in Indonesia's largest clothing wholesale center -- Tanah Abang Market, but also brought well-chosen samples of luggage and bag into the local market for Silk ecological partners to learn about the Plan of Silk Super Node Franchisee, the strength of supply chain and the goods.


Part of the Luggage and Bag Samples Display


Up to now, there have been successively big local retailers and wholesalers in Indonesia who have started to consult the super node plan and inspect commodity information. The SilkChain team is fully connecting with local small and medium-sized merchants, trading service providers, importers and exporters for cooperation.



SilkChain Team Researched in Tanah Abang Market

In addition, through Silk Selection platform, Silk Node–Paloma has ordered luggage goods worth 500,000 RMB from the Chinese factory. The factory has finished the preparation of goods on time and carried out sampling inspection of the orders, which will be successively sent to Jakarta, Indonesia.


Carried out Sampling Inspection of the 500,000 RMB Orders

To attract more members and franchisees joining in Silk ecological system, SilkChain not only for Silk Node - Paloma and its own community builds its own selection, can also provide supply chain to solve the problem of shortage. With more wholesalers and retailers joining the SilkChain ecosystem in Indonesia, the scale of SilkChain ecological system will be greatly expanded and circulation of Silk Token will be promoted. SilkChain adhere to the landing of the project and cooperate with local strength merchants for powerful combination. At the same time, we will continue to expand overseas markets and finally realize the use of blockchain technology to improve the ecology of international trade and cross-border consumption. SilkChain and Paloma, who have launched the Plan of Silk Super Node Franchisee in Indonesia, are starting a new journey to improve international trade.

SilkChain will update every progress of super nodes, please stay tuned! To know more information about SILK Super Node Election, please download official application SilkAll in time and the download link is