At present, the products in the international trade, especially among SMEs, are produced by the world’s factory China. Due to factors like the slackening global economy in recent years and the trade war between China and the United States, many foreign trade companies are faced with more difficulties than before. They begin to seek more trustworthy orders from other markets apart form that of the developed countries. They are eager to gain the product feedback from overseas markets at a low cost and trade with credible wholesalers.

As the first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade and consumer spending ecosystem, SilkChain are trying to solve this problem. Now, a Chinese County-level Luggage and Bag Industry Association - DZ has passed the verification and shall become the first super node of SilkChain in China. DZ can through Silk to enter the local market in Indonesia with SilkChain resources and solve the problems of local logistics, marketing channels and e-commerce platforms. This also marks that the SilkChain began to occupy the Indonesian luggage and bag wholesale market.

About Silk Node - DZ

DZ is composed of a county-level luggage and bag manufacturing enterprise and related enterprises in China, and has more than 50 member units. Facing the unpredictable international trade, DZ will cooperate with SilkChain in all aspects.

On the one hand, Silk Node - DZ opens up the Indonesian market through SilkChain resources and lands in the wholesale service center - Indobags Wholesale in the largest local wholesale Market -- Tanah Abang Market. At the same time, the center is also the officially authorized Silk Supply Chain Service Center. Recently, the center has officially opened. Through the service center, whether the local SMS wholesalers or terminal buyers hoping to reduce the cost of procurement in Indonesia, can find cooperation with Silk as the settlement currency or medium of exchange.   


The Wholesale Service Center of Silk Node - DZ & Silk Supply Chain Service Center

On the other hand, DZ will work together with SilkChain in Silk Tokenization project to establish the e-commerce platform IndoBags, which endows offline entities for e-commercialization. SilkChain implants Silk with blockchain technology, which provides better service for customers. Meanwhile, SilkChain's ecosystem is constantly expanding and flourishing.


Testing Interface of IndoBags APP

Hundreds of super nodes for different industries are planned by SilkChain. We are looking forward to every participant of international trade as trading companies, platforms, shopping malls, and cross-border e-commerce enterprises to join the SILK Super Node Election for more benefits of the SilkChain ecosystem.

SilkChain will focus on super node and update every progress, please stay tuned! To know more information about SILK Super Node Election, please download official application SilkAll in time and the download link is