Pasti Laku of application dividend plan has been opened on December 14, 2018 at 10:00 AM. All the holding available Silk (unfrozen) KYC users of SilkChain ecosystem can apply for the qualification of dividend. The application dividend plan of Pasti Laku is 80,000 Silk, available members are 1000.Welcome to pay attention to the application dividend plan of Pasti Laku. Seats are limited, first come first served.

Rush for application

Now user can through"SilkAll > Mining > Apps Dividend > Pasti Laku" to rush for application.

Tips: The application dividend plan of Pasti Laku available members are 1000.If it shows "full", it means it's over. Thank you for your attention and support!

About Application Dividend Plan

Application dividend plan is a bonus pool provided by SilkChain and its partners around the world after the implementation of the applications. SilkChain will distribute hundreds of Super Nodes in different industries around the world and launch the application dividend plan, which means that SilkChain will sign up with the Super Node to have the applications landed. At the same time, the node project party will provide an application dividend pool to give back to the users of SilkChain ecosystem. Application dividend pool is a form of "business and community alliance incentives",which is used to accelerate the global implementation of the SilkChain ecological applications, build a reciprocal and equal international trade ecosystem, and achieve the goal of community members sharing the ecological development dividends. The partners of SilkChain will decide the range of bonus pools and available participant number according to the user’ classification, the size and cooperation mode of each project. 

About Pasti Laku

Headquartered in Jakarta, Pasti Laku is a retail company that sells bags, clothing, fashion accessories, food, furniture and household goods. The company has tens of thousands of members. With high-quality products, reasonable prices and good services, Pasti Laku has been rapidly rising in the retail market of Indonesia in recent years.

Now, Pasti Laku will work together with SilkChain in Silk Tokenization project to establish the e-commerce platform Pasti Laku. SilkChain implants Silk in Pasti Laku commercial ecosystem with blockchain technology, which provides more convenient shopping mode for Pasti Laku members. It also marks an important step for Pasti Laku to enter the Indonesian e-commerce market.

To know more information about application dividend plan, please download official application SilkAll in time and the download link is