The voting activity "whether Silk should be listed on exchange right now" has officially completed at 0:00 A.M on September 3 (Singapore time). During this voting activity, SilkChain KYC members from overseas Chinese, Indonesia, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Middle Europe, North America and Africa actively voted and invited other members from community to join in. SilkChain hereby express our thanks for your support and participation! Through official verification for the voting data obtained from this activity, the results are as follows:


1. There were 25,406 KYC verified members participating in this voting activity, including 25,246 votes count as valid, and 160 votes count as invalid (Note: "Right now" option: 136 votes / "Hold on" option: 24 votes. These votes were submitted in invalid time). The number of valid votes is more than that of 50% of the KYC verified member. Thus the result of voting is valid;

2. There are 14,536 KYC verified member choose "Right now" option (57.7%) and there are 10,710 KYC verified members choose "Hold on" option (42.3%);

3. Conclusion: most of KYC verified members agree that Silk should be listed on exchange right now.

Based on this voting result, SilkChain will push the listing process right now. As different type of exchanges in different regions have their own requirements, the updates about the process of listing will be released through official website, SilkAll service groups and official telegram groups. Please keep focus on SilkChain announcements and updates.

The next work will not only implement to list Silk on exchanges, but also promote the use of Silk application templates by chambers of commerce, trading companies and cross-border services around the world to develop their own applications in order to attract more Silk KYC users, and strengthen the community as well as make Silk more valuable. Thank you all for your support!

International Trade Digitization Commission 

September 5, 2018