SilkChain presale stage 4 has finished completely! Thank you to all our supporters and participants. There are some achievements for SilkChain in the past few months just as follows:

1. The public beta of SilkChain Ecosystem App Market SilkAll will be launched soon after doing private beta test for many times.

2. The first global advertising blockchain technology based platform Odoor will be released soon.

3. Recently, SilkChain attended Korea Blockchain summit 2018 and Bahrain World Blockchain Congress to discuss about how SilkChain improve international trade ecosystem and how we will affect organizations and economics situations.

4. By now, nearly 30 rating agencies and three party platforms have provided professional evaluations of SilkChain, including a high score of 5 points from TrackICO, a high grade of B from CoinSchedule, a high score of 4.91 points from ICOlink, a high score of 9.7 points from ICOmarks, a high score of 5 points from IAP and so on.

5. By July 25, SilkChain has more than one million fans in telegram worldwide and more than eighty thousand followers of Facebook.

SilkChain is now preparing the releasing of applications and the listing on exchange, please stay tuned! Thanks to millions community members, rating authorities, media partners, and all participants for support!


International Trade Digitization Commission

August 10th, 2018