Recently, the world's first blockchain advertising market platform - Odoor is introduced into Silk Selection. Silk Selection is the official demonstration project of SilkChain ecological community super node of which users can enter guide channel to earn Silk through clicking, reading, sharing, comments and other ways. At the same time, Silk Selection enables users to exchange Silk points to purchase goods.

About Odoor

Based on SilkChain ecosystem, Odoor is the world's first blockchain advertising market platform. Any organization or individual can advertise on the platform. Odoor is also a win-win platform where all participants are rewarded. Not only can users earn Silk from reading advertisements, but also the advertising revenue of the platform will be distributed to all participants of the SilkChain ecosystem. In Odoor, users can get rewards through clicking, reading, sharing, comments and other user behaviors (more than six ways).


How to Earn Silk in Odoor

1. Users can get a reward from sharing link after it is clicked by others.

2. Every time you invite a user to read an advertisement, the reward will go to your account according to a certain percentage. You can get a reward from the total reading income of 1st level, 2nd level and 3rd level friends, as follows:


For example, each of you invited a friends from the "odoor" registered SilkChain and complete the KYC authentication, and you can get 30 Silk awards. There is no limit to the number of invitations.

When you invite Jack to visit "Odoor", Jack gets 20 Silk for reading the ad and deposits it to his SilkChain account, you will get 20 * 15% = 3 Silk; Jack invites Mary, who earns 20 Silk for reading and deposits it to her SilkChain account, you will get 20 * 9% = 1.8 Silk.


Welcome to Join Odoor

As a commercial platform, Odoor is able to bring considerable flow and opportunities to the publishers, and make SilkChain members closer. Organizations and individuals from all sectors can pay Silk for advertisement, promotion, cooperation etc. At present, Odoor has successfully cooperated with Silk Selection, SilkAll and one of China's well-known 3D printing vertical media-3DHOO to share the huge dividend of ecological development.

In the future, as more new modules and functions are introduced to Odoor, there will be more people entering it to publish or read. In this way, Odoor will break the traditional advertising model and build a new blockchain advertising market platform of the new products promotion from various industries which will provide better experience to community members. And SilkChain ecosystem will be more prosperous and achieve a win-win situation of all parties. 

If you’re interested in Odoor, please contact with them. Odoor is waiting for you!