In order to show our gratitude to all users for their support and participation, SilkChain has launched the Dapp application dividend plan of global enterprises Silk Tokenization. In this plan, partners will provide a certain proportion of Silk as Dapp implementation dividend pool to reward the token holders (that is, the holding available Silk (unfrozen) KYC users in the SilkChain official wallet) in Silk ecosystem. IndoBags of application dividend plan will be opened on December 24, 2018, details as follows:


Dividend Pool: 60,000 Silk

Available Members: 800

Start Time: 2018-12-24

About E-commerce platform IndoBags

IndoBags, a Silk Tokenization project by Silk Node - DZ in collaboration with SilkChain. It endows offline entities for e-commercialization. SilkChain implants Silk with blockchain technology, which provides better service for customers. Meanwhile, SilkChain's ecosystem is constantly expanding and flourishing.

Chinese County-level Luggage and Bag Industry Association - DZ has more than 50 member units. Facing the unpredictable international trade, DZ will cooperate with SilkChain in all aspects. In addition to online collaboration, Silk Node - DZ opens up the Indonesian Market through SilkChain resources and lands in the wholesale service center - Indobags Wholesale in the largest local wholesale Market -- Tanah Abang Market. At the same time, the center is also the officially authorized Silk Supply Chain Service Center. Recently, the center has officially opened.

All KYC users of SilkChain ecosystem can apply for the qualification of dividend. The application dividend plan of IndoBags is 60,000 Silk, available members are 800. Welcome to pay attention to the application dividend plan of IndoBags. Seats are limited, first come first served. 

At the same time, SilkChain is looking forward to every participant of international trade as trading companies, platforms, shopping malls, and cross-border e-commerce enterprises to actively participate in the cooperation of Silk Tokenization for more benefits of the SilkChain ecosystem.