1. The "Super Node" page of SilkChain website has been optimized;

2. Contents of the "Sharing & Invitation" page, whose link is in the Refer & Earn page of SilkAll, has been optimized and Download SilkAll button has been added;

3. The rotation display of current super-node contents in SilkAll has been optimized;

4. The performance of the mining production and collection have been optimized;

5. The Snatch income module will be added in My Community in SilkAll this week. Please stay tuned;

6. The user privilege of option to open or close Snatch function will be added in SilkAll. (The Snatch function is open by default. Once choosing to close it, it will take 24 hours for re-opening Snatch function). Please stay tuned;

7. Support each DAPP technology development, including interface optimization.