In order to better serve community members and build an international trade ecosystem of mutual benefit and equality. Recently, the SilkChain team has been launched the new revision of SilkChain website. The New Revision is information-rich and communicate conveniently for users. Details as follows:

1. Top Navigation Menu has Been Added "About" 

The Ecosystem, Application Case and Our Team and other 10 sections in the homepage of the old version are all here.


2. The List of the Silk Super Node

The SILK super nodes are the high-level benefit owners of SilkChain’s ecosystem. In the mean time, the SILK super nodes are responsible to expanding the community, boosting the ecosystem, and improving the liquidation of Silk tokens.You can view it from the "Super Node" in the top navigation menu or the "Silk Super Node" on the home page.


3. SilkChain Application - SilkAll

You can quickly understand to the open platform for SilkChain ecological application, and one-click download to get more Silk rewards.


4. SilkChain Global Tokenization

What is the SilkChain Global Tokenization? You can view it and share the dividends.


5. SilkChain Application Dividend

You can get the latest information about the Application Dividend. Will you miss the start time again?


6. The “Join Us” Page has Been Added on SilkChain Website

For super node franchisees, suppliers, SilkAll app developers and SilkPay developers who are interested in joining SilkChain, please refer to "Join Us" at the bottom right of the homepage for details.


To know more information, please download official application SilkAll in time and the download link is