In order to achieve community prosperity and share the huge dividends brought about by ecological development, as well as establish the value system of Silk, SilkChain has launched SILK Super Node Election. Details are as follows:

1. Definition

The SILK super nodes are the high-level benefit owners of SilkChain’s ecosystem. In the mean time, the SILK super nodes are responsible to expanding the community, boosting the ecosystem, and improving the liquidation of Silk tokens. Applicators for becoming a SILK super node shall be mature enterprises or organizations with 3,000,000 Silk tokens purchased from the secondary market and hold for long-term. Hundreds of super nodes for different industries are planned by SilkChain.

2. Benefits

2.1 Free software + termed operation & maintenance service

The super node will have the ownership of different application software and rights of profit share of such.

2.2 Self-owned Community bonus share

The super node will have rights of sharing the Silk gas fee and the profit share of self-owned community operation.

What is the self-owned community? SilkChain has tailored independent platforms for each super node. Subject to this platform, there are Silk applications such as e-commerce, financing, gadget, as well as entertainment. Any user linked to these applications belongs to the self-owned community of that super node.

2.3 Extra bonus

When the applicator purchased Silk tokens from the public, the applicator will be rewarded with locked Silk tokens as a bonus at certain rates. The rate and unlock terms are related to the whole amount of the applicators holding tokens.

2.4 Task bonus

The super nodes will be rewarded with task bonuses at each milestone of task completion. 

2.5 Referral bonus

The super nodes will be rewarded with referral bonus by succeeding introducing other applicators for super nodes.

2.6 Massive business opportunity

The super node will share massive information of suppliers and products for developing potential business in the SilkChain ecosystem.

3. Rights

3.1 Ownership of free software

3.2 Permission rights of subject nodes’ entry.

4. Decision-making Mechanism

Every Silk super node has the voting rights for adding & revising the mechanism, terms, and regulations of the Silk super nodes. Before the existence of 30 SILK super nodes, the International Trade Digitalization Commission (ITDC) has the final decision-making rights. After that, a decision-making committee will be elected under negotiation & voting of 30 SILK super nodes under supervision of ITDC and all members of the SilkChain ecosystem for each decision-making.

At present, there are 20 nodes have passed the first stage application. Among which, PT. Paloma Shopway has passed the verification and shall become the first super node, Silk Node - Paloma and execute with the rights and responsibilities of a super node very soon. Established in 2007, PT. Paloma Shopway is the largest home catalogue distributor with 340,000 memberships across Indonesia, covering the market of 10 millions of people and has annual turnover of USD 100 million.

Furthermore, 3 recognized enterprises has passed the final verification and queuing for becoming a SILK super node and 16 applicators are under verification successively. We are looking forward to every participant of international trade as trading companies, platforms, shopping malls, and cross-border e-commerce enterprises to join the SILK Super Node Election for more benefits of the SilkChain ecosystem. 

If there is any update or change of SILK Super Node Election, SilkChain will be noticed on the three official channels: SilkChain Website, SilkAll Service Groups and Official Telegram Groups. Stay Tuned!

To know more information about SILK Super Node Election, please download official application SilkAll in time and the download link is      

International Trade Digitization Commission 

October 11, 2018