1. Wallet background Google secondary verification development. 

2. Completed the development of wallet background KYC verification code verification function. 

3. The continuous optimization of multi-language in the background of wallet. 

4. SilkChain supports third-party authorization login development tests.

5. Finished the setting of the backstage of SilkChain.

6. Completed the development of the recommended agent link of REF which is limited to 10 and the official website & wallet background corresponding copywriting adjustment.

7. Completed the function of verify the phone while registering and limit the IP and registration interval of the registered account. 

8. Completed the development of official website white paper download link related secondary page.

9. Completed the adjustment of official website content (both PC version and mobile version); the official website and the news website merge into one website. 

10. Completed the lucky packet optimization, and added the unregistered middle display page development. 

11. Solved the problem that the official website cannot switch multiple languages in the CDN environment.