The Silk Supply Chain Service Center of Silk-Node-DZ, authorized by Silk Chain, has received strong response from the local wholesalers and retailers after its opening in Tanah Abang Market, Jakarta, Indonesia. Through Selection Model, it greatly improves the competitive advantage of goods in the local market, so the first batch of goods has been ordered out by local wholesalers and retailers in a short time.


Why are these bags so popular? It is because of its fashionable design, reasonable price and quality guarantee. All these characteristics make this batch of bags better in the local market. Now, SilkChain provide a way of cross-border direct purchase for Indonesian small and medium-sized buyers with preliminary results. The first bags have gained a good reputation in the Indonesian market.


In the face of the short supply of luggage and bag market in Indonesia, Silk-Node-DZ organized a new round of luggage and bag delivery. A new batch of goods has been packed and are being sent to Indonesia. On the one hand, through SilkChain, Silk-Node-DZ jumps out of many intermediate links and realizes the direct and seamless connection between production and marketing, which improves its market competition ability and profit space for moving towards the road of standardization, marketization and internationalization. On the other hand, while serving local wholesalers and retailers in Indonesia, SilkChain will greatly expand the scale of Silk ecological system and promote circulation of Silk Token for realizing the use of blockchain technology to improve the ecology of international trade and cross-border consumption.


SilkChain will update every progress of super nodes, please stay tuned! To know more information about SILK Super Node Election, please download official application SilkAll in time and the download link is