SilkChain, the first cross-border e-commerce blockchain, was announced to be the second IEO project of CoinTiger on June 28, which not only led to a sharp rise of the SILK token, but also greatly increased investors’ attention on SilkChain project.


In order to show the value of the project to more interested investors, SilkChain teamed up with CoinTiger to co-host an IEO Q&A webcast at 8 PM on July 2. Yi Qing, CEO of SilkChain, and Wu Mengye, CTO of SilkChain, will attend the webcast to deeply interpret the project value, release the latest progresses, and communicate face to face with investors on the hot issues concerned by the market.


It’s reported that the online roadshow will be divided into project introduction and investors Q&A. In the part of project introduction, Yi Qing and Wu Mengye will comprehensively and deeply interpret SilkChain and demonstrate the unique value of the project from the aspects of original intention, vision, team, technical architecture, technical route, project ecology and application scenarios landing. And in the Q&A part, they will focus on the questions like IEO at reduced price and communicate with investors face to face.


Besides, Yi Qing will introduce the latest developments of SilkChain ecology, including Silk All, Silk Selection, Odoor and Silk C2C, and share the reasons for the rapid landing of SilkChain application scenarios in Indonesia with his personal experience. Yi Qing will also combine the current situation of international trade to interpret the long-term development plan of SilkChain, which is to build a "global merchants credit system" and "supply chain finance system", promote the traditional international trade stock to transfer to digital trade, and create additional business opportunities worth trillions of dollars a year.


In order to reward potential investors' attention and support for SilkChain, a surprise award was set during the live broadcast. Interested investors can learn more about the webcast through Yi Zhibo live broadcast platform(ID: 1306836332), and actively participate in the interaction to receive surprise gift packs.

It’s reported that the SILK token will be available for purchase at CoinTiger from 12:00 to 14:00 on July 4th. Investors can learn more information from CoinTiger official channels. The official website of CoinTiger is