2018 Block Chain Innovation Conference was held on 13, July. The theme of this conference is "rationality, application and future". More than 300 industry authorities, technical experts, high quality project representatives, traditional enterprise executives, investors and renowned media journalists participated in this event. As the world's first project dedicated to improving the international trade ecosystem with block chain technology, SilkChain was invited to attend the conference and attracted the attention of industry elites and investors. At the recent blockchain conference both at home and abroad, a whirlwind of international trade block chain application was swept up. 


The rapid development of the blockchain has led to crazy capital, and the blockchain project and related industries have become the investment "outlet". This conference was jointly initiated by ChainVC, a senior investment institution, and NEO, a well-known blockchain project. It aims to build a more rational and orderly communication platform for more industries and better promote the application of blockchain technology. 


The application of SilkChain in international trade is widely recognized by people in the industry. In the long traditional international trade chain, there are producers, traders, exporters, distributors, financial enterprises, insurance companies, logistics companies and so on. Each side lacks trust in the other. The introduction of blockchain technology is the best way to solve it. 

SilkChain Representative said at the conference that blockchain is considered a disruptive technology, not only because of the technology itself, but also because the combination of applications will produce greater results. SilkChain supports tens of thousands of overseas trade centers around the world to develop and use their own independent application Dapp. The overseas trade center refers to the independent application scenario, establishes a credit investigation system based on its own system, and provides financial services to its members according to the credit records and value database. Finally, we will achieve global trade connectivity and establish the largest digital international trade community and international trade credit reporting system. At the same time, banks, insurance, logistics, payment and other third-party value-added services will also be stationed to provide international trade support services. Currently, based on the development of the silk chain, the world's first cross-border e-commerce Dapp, e-dragon has been launched in Bahrain. 

With the application of block chain technology in international trade, the transaction becomes more convenient and cheaper. Just as the Internet revolutionized communications in the late 1990s, blockchains are expected to bring about an unprecedented change in many areas. How does the hot block chain technology rewrite the future of international trade? SilkChain is undoubtedly at the forefront of improving the ecology of international trade.