Recently, due to the rising of traditional financial market risk, blockchain mainstream currencies reverse the downward trend, which has driven the first cross-border ecommerce blockchain SilkChain to resume rally, with trading volume gradually increasing to above 10 million yuan in 24 hours. Meanwhile, the price of SILK gradually climbed with a more than 30% increase in 24 hours on Cointiger.


As the first cross-border e-commerce blockchain, SilkChain has always been committed to using block chain technology to improve international trade and cross-border consumption ecology, so as to constantly advance the Silk All ecosystem. SilkChain has incorporated the intelligent blockchain trade platform SILK Selection, which integrates the business matching platform, cross-border supply chain financial services, source factory procurement management services, disintermediated advertising and marketing service and cross-border e-commerce social networking service, the first blockchain advertising market platform Odoor based on the ecology and SILK C2C supporting point-to-point transaction in the ecosystem.

What’s worth expecting is that, as another Silk All application scene landing project, E-dragon is currently in the stage of APP internal testing and will be launched in the near future. The E-Dragon shopping platform is a Silk Tokenization project jointly developed by Dragon City Bahrain and SilkChain. In the future, Dragon City Bahrain will work together with SilkChain to build an e-commerce ecosystem in Arabian Peninsula, connecting with local importers and exporters, e-commerce platforms, SMEs, trade service providers and mass consumers from various categories and boost the developments of e-commerce in Arabian Peninsula.


Taking cross-border e-commerce as the core and depending on the application landing in the field of e-commerce, SilkChain project has made important headway in markets such as Indonesia. In the future, it will further expand to the countries joining in the Belt and Road Initiative to build a complete and huge SilkChain ecological system, where SILK is the connecting link between all participants in the community. After more than one year’s baptism and development, SilkChain has been gradually recognized in the international market, with SILK membership all around the world and SILK member  amount steadily rising.

Unlike many air coin projects in the market that rely on story hype and imagination space, SilkChain has always been focused on doing practical work, thus promoting the sustainable development of the project. SilkChain, which is still in the initial stage of development, is facing doubts and difficulties. However, with the team's rich experience in cross-border e-commerce, mature blockchain technology and extraordinary courage to explore, the prosperity and growth of the SilkChain ecosystem is just around the corner. 

In order to further activate the global trading market of SILK, SilkChain has officially announced that SILK will soon be launched on another mainstream blockchain exchange. In the future, more investors will be able to participate in the transformation of cross-border trade with SilkChain and enjoy the huge dividends it brings. Meanwhile, SilkChain team will continue to expand its ecosystem through application landing, injecting impetus for the rapid development of the project.

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