In the past few months, more and more projects and applications have been released with the efforts of SilkChain team, SilkChain users and supporters, and these achievements will contribute to building an equal and mutually beneficial international trade ecology, achieving community prosperity and sharing the huge dividends of ecological development. In order to show our gratitude to all users for their support and participation, SilkChain will introduce various reward programs. Meanwhile, the process of Silk listing on HitBTC is steadily being pushed. The achievements and plans are as follows:

1. Silk listing process: the KYC procedure of Silk has been successfully completed in HitBTC, and the documents have been reviewed. We will continue the next step;

2. SilkChain will introduce reward programs such as candy program for Silk holders of SilkCommunity and Dapp, etc. All the members who has Silk in their SilkChain wallet will be rewarded according to the multidimensional measurement such as the holding rate, the value of activity and participation;

3. The SilkBranch program will be launched. The user whose reputation value, decided by active value and the amount of Silk, is in the top 400 of the SilkCommunity, will has the opportunity to become the president (SilkNode) of the SilkBranch. The standards and interests of the president are being designed. Please stay tuned;

4. SilkChain will promote the use of Silk application templates by chambers of commerce, trading companies and cross-border services around the world to develop their own applications. From now on, there will be a number of large and medium-size overseas enterprises to join in Silk ecosystem, which will bring increased value and income to Silk holders. Please stay tuned;

In the future, the construction of project, the development of application and the reward programs will attract more Silk KYC users, strengthen the community as well as make Silk more valuable. Thanks for your support and participation!

International Trade Digitization Commission 

September 14, 2018