On August 20, Jiang Guofei, the vice president of Ant Group and president of Intelligent Technology Business Group, said that blockchain is absolutely not only an Internet technology, but also a tool to link industries and "build roads" in the digital economy.

A month ago, the blockchain brand of Ant Group was officially upgraded from "Ant Blockchain" to "Ant Chain". As the head of ant chain, Jiang Guofei proposed that Blockchain starts from block, but the core is chain. This word emphasizes the practical significance of "chain", and points out the further industrial value of Blockchain Technology.

When Blockchain Technology is linked with Industry, it can realize circulation and exchange of digital assets on the platform better. Jiang Guofei said, “in the past, a lot of digital cooperation was unconnected; in the future, when the "bridge" is repaired, the industry will be prosperous.

In short, because Blockchain is a set of tamper proof distributed ledger system, it is naturally suitable for multi-party cooperation, long business chain and high trust cost scenarios. In Jiang Guofei's opinion, E-commerce flatten the end-to-end transaction relationship, while blockchain flattens the multi-party cooperation among production, supply and marketing, which will allow us to think about the world in a new dimension.

SilkChain is the first chain of Cross-Border E-commerce, oriented towards Global trade malls, traders and trade service providers, SilkChain has comprehensively launched the plan of light chain reform to promote the Blockchain Technology of substantial economy. Improving the ecology of international trade and cross-border consumption through the application of Technology Blockchain. Taking “Ant Chain” as an example, its industrial application solutions such as Blockchain Contract and Blockchain electronic seal have been gradually implemented, and the trust crisis exposed in the past in terms of infringement, contract disputes and "radish seal" are being solved.

SilkChain is committed to building " Credit System of Global Merchant " and " Financial System of Supply-Chain ", providing a transparent and fair development environment for all importers, exporters, service providers and financial institutions involved in cross-border trade. Up to now, several application projects have been launched, and both online and offline programs have achieved steady development.