In order to achieve community prosperity, share the huge dividends brought about by ecological development and build the system of Silk value, SilkChain signed an agreement with Finlink, a financial services company, following the WhitePaper plan. The SilkOne financial loan product launched by Finlink will provide the purchasing and consuming loan services for buyers of Silk ecological community. Finlink company was established in Indonesia with a strong IT technology and financial background. What's more, Finlink has gotten the indonesian financial services license. The cooperation details are as follows:

1. Cooperation Model

Buyers from Silk communities in southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, provide their personal or compay information to Finlink company through SilkChain. After the approval of SilkOne, Finlink company issues loans to the e-commerce platform of Silk super node, and then the funds are charged into the personal accounts of buyers on each platform. Silk ecological community buyers can use the funds to purchase goods directly from Chinese factories on Silk Selection or e-commerce platforms of Silk super node.

Each time a Silk ecological community buyer makes a order, the platform and the seller must entrust the system's traders to automatically generate the purchase orders for Silk based on a certain proportion of the order amount. In order to reward the early members of Silk community, the system will pay the bill to Silk C2C platform for repurchasing Silk. All repurchased Silk will disclose the necessary information of buyers, items and other relevant transaction orders, as well as the address of the seller on Silk C2C platform, and destroy all repurchased Silk tokens at the end of each month.

The early Silk incentive and the second phase of Silk financial loan service will bring customers to buy goods on the platform of the dividend, it will automatically through Silk repurchase and destroy the way to return the early Silk holders. It also maintains the stability of Silk's currency.

2. Cooperation Process

The SilkOne financial services system is currently in development and will be tested for the first time and trained on February 2nd. We will hold a user meeting to promote the meeting and invite buyers to apply for a loan line of credit. Buyers who apply early will enjoy the interest deduction. After product testing and service process improvement, we will gradually open financial services to buyers from Silk ecological community throughout Indonesia and southeast Asia. After the buyback of Silk, it is destroyed on a monthly basis.

In order to promote, maintain and enhance the value of Silk Token, SilkChain will gradually repurchase Silk through three ways:

First, Community Incentives

Through the New User Reward Program, we will invite more people to join the SilkChain community and achieve community prosperity.

Second,SILK Super Node Election

Applicators for becoming a SILK super node shall be mature enterprises or organizations with Silk tokens purchased from the secondary market and hold for long-term.

Third, SilkChain Provides Supply Chain Financial Services for Silk Ecological Community Buyers

In the transaction, the profit of each order service fee and part of the product price difference is used to automatically repurchase Silk and destroy it regularly.

In 2019, SilkChain will successively launch more supply chain financial services and marketing services as planned in the white paper. With the help of the technology and media of blockchain, it will gradually prosper and develop the community, repay the community members and share the huge dividends brought by ecological development.

To know more information, please download official application SilkAll in time and the download link is      

International Trade Digitization Commission 

January 28, 2019