In order to provide better user experience, the blockchain content and information platform Odoor 2.0 has been launched on December 19, 2018. It is introduced into SilkAll. Now user can through"SilkAll > App > Recommendation > Odoor " to experience.


About Odoor 2.0 

Based on blockchain technology, Odoor 2.0 is the content and information platform. It is absorbed in making user reading more valuable. Through personalized algorithm recommendation, Odoor can provide interesting, valuable industry contents and services for users. Beside, Odoor will provide industry information and short videos for partners.


At the same time, the reading income from Odoor can be found out in detail, users can query every task reward record, and can withdraw to Silk wallet at any time.


As a commercial platform, Odoor is able to bring considerable flow and opportunities to the publishers, and make SilkChain members closer. Organizations and individuals from all sectors can pay Silk for advertisement, promotion, cooperation etc.

The Four Key Points of Odoor 2.0

1. Click on the content of articles you like , and you will get Silk rewards according to the reading time.

2. You can review articles and give a like.

3. If you see an article you like, you can reward the author and encourage him/her to create more.

4. You can share your favorite articles with your ds and get Silk rewards.


Odoor 2.0 Will be Successively Introduced into More Platforms 

Odoor 2.0 will be successively introduced into platforms such as Silk Selection, one of China's well-known 3D printing vertical media-3DHOO and e-commerce platforms of Silk super nodes. In the future, for attracting content providers and users, Odoor will further enhance and increase the variety of gameplay,such as games and videos. In this way, Odoor will break the traditional advertising model and build a new blockchain content and information platform which will provide better experience to users. And SilkChain ecosystem will be more prosperous and achieve a win-win situation of all parties. 

If you’re interested in Odoor, please contact with them. Odoor is waiting for you!