1. Support each DAPP technology development, including interface optimization;

2. The voting activity about "Whether Silk Should be Listed on Exchange Right Now" has been completed;

3. The SilkPay authorization system distinguishes between ordinary users and application developers;

4. The KYC verification rewards program rules & regulations have been updated. Get Rewards Program Rules & Regulations;

5. The test of group chat function in SilkAll has been completed; and it will be released this week;  

6. The test of "Lucky Packet" function in SilkAll Chat module has been completed, and it will be released this week;

7. The SilkAll invitation rewards program rules & regulations will be updated this week. Please stay tuned;

8. The performance of mining and the speed production of mining have been improved;

9. The function that users can register and quick login to your account by verification code received from your phone or email will be released this week.