To protect the interests of investors, the official team of SilkChain now solemnly states that so far, only HITBTCwww.hitbtc.comand Cointigerwww.cointiger.comhave been officially confirmed to be the exchanges of SILK by SilkChain. The trading activities of SILK carried out on other exchanges (such as BTCwin, etc.) are not recognized by the SilkChain authorities. For investors, please judge carefully to avoid being cheated.

All information about the exchange and public offering of SILK shall be subject to the official announcement or the announcement released by the officially authorized media. Members shall not believe any information released by any third-party platform without official verification, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. Meanwhile, the official team of SilkChain will also take corresponding measures to crack down on transactions that disrupt market prices and defraud investors, so as to safeguard the interests of investors.