Now there are over 10300 entity commodity cities and more than 1 million large scale traders as well as various trade service platforms in the world. Meanwhile, the transaction volume involved reaches $32 trillion per year. In order to make trade economy tokenized, SilkChain has launched the Silk Tokenization for global commodity cities, traders and trade service providers. The partners such as traditional companies and traders in participation of global Silk Tokenization are required to buy Silk Token in amount of US dollar 30,000-150,000 in public exchanges and hold for a long term so that they can enjoy the benefits of the traffic, transaction, supply chain as well as the services of software and big data for free, which are all brought by Silk Tokenization.

The SilkChain global enterprises Silk Tokenization is a lightweight blockchain improvement of traditional enterprises through Dapp applications, digital wallets, smart contract templates customized by SilkChain. Meanwhile, it can also have the services of software customization, low-cost marketing, as well as the finance of supply chains and consumption. Additionally, it uses the fundamental SDK, API and middleware to provide customized blockchain applications for mature companies. All of those can be supplied by third-party service companies that are introduced by SilkChain. Silk Tokenization of SilkChain will accelerate the implementation of  the ecological applications of SilkChain in the world, build an equal and mutually beneficial international trade ecology and reach the target that share the huge dividends of ecological development with community members.

At present, some Dapp projects of SilkChain such as OSell Selection, Paloma Selection and Suntex Selection have been signed and launched in some countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and so on. In order to show our gratitude to all users for their support and participation, SilkChain has launched the Dapp application dividend plan of global enterprises Silk Tokenization. In this plan, partners will provide a certain proportion of Silk as Dapp implementation dividend pool to reward the Silk holders in Silk Ecosystem. The projects of Dapp implementation and dividend pool are as follows: 

1. OSell Selection

Total: 10000 Silk

Number: 1000

Date: 2018-09-21 (Ongoing)

2. Paloma Selection

Total: 120000 Silk

Number: 1500

Date: 2018-10-10 (Ongoing)

3. Suntex Selection    

Total: 80000 Silk

Number: 1000

Date: 2018-10 (Pending)

All KYC users of SilkChain Ecosystem can apply for the qualification of airdrop. According to different projects, there will be different bonus pools and available numbers. SilkChain hopes that users pay attention to the opening date of Dapp implementation dividend plan, first come, first served.

At the same time, SilkChain also hopes that all kinds of international enterprises can actively participate in the cooperation of Silk Tokenization for more ecological dividends of Silk, such as import and export trading companies, international global commodity cities and trading platforms, cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

To know more information about the ecological dividend plan and SilkChain, please download official application SilkAll in time and the download link is

International Trade Digitization Commission 

September 29, 2018