As a "new infrastructure", blockchain helps government, people's livelihood and economic development.

         As the development of blockchain from version 1.0 to version 2.0 and then to version 3.0, and combined with its practical application in finance, accounting and other fields, there are two ways to combine blockchain technology in labor force survey. The first one is called "+ blockchain". The original architecture remains basically unchanged, and only independent blockchain levels or modules are embedded in the original architecture. The second one is called "blockchain +", which maximizes the advantages and characteristics of blockchain. However, the disadvantages lie in the high cost, long time, and the difficulty of the architecture. It is suggested to explore the first one first.

        Nowadays, digital development makes it easier for enterprises to trade, but the complexity of B2B international trade has not been reduced, and the trust between buyers and sellers is still the core obstacle to cross-border trade. However, the emergence of blockchain provides a new technical solution.

       Silkchain is a decentralized international free trade community, which promotes the trade entities all over the world to build a global merchant credit system. On this basis, silk chain supports various financial applications, such as information deposit, payment and settlement, supply chain transparency, goods traceability and supply chain finance, so as to reshape the ecology of international trade. It is not the bottom public chain, but a global trade chain and alliance chain.

      The main purpose of issuing silk is to solve the distrust among cross-border merchants. Users and businesses must hold a silk token to pledge at the time of the transaction. All participants take the silk token as the security deposit, forming contract restrictions on both sides of the transaction. Within the scope of the smart contract, the transaction will occur automatically. In case of breach of contract by both parties, the pledged silk token will be confiscated and provided to the damaged party as compensation. Of course, To ensure the trust is not only relying on pledge but also establishing credit scoring and evaluation system.