Since the release and promotion meeting of Pasti Laku e-commerce platform was held in Indonesia, the SilkChain team cooperated with the super node Pasti Laku team, and launched several business negotiations with hundreds of major local distributors. Taking Pasti Laku e-commerce platform as the carrier, through the introduction of "cross-border direct purchase", to provide local wholesalers, distributors and retailers in Indonesia with more convenient and efficient purchase channels and high-quality goods, so as to continuously expand the community of buyers in Silk ecological community.

Up to now, the SilkChain team and the joint super node Pasti Laku have reached preliminary cooperation agreements with dozens of powerful distributors in Indonesia. Among them, we have reached a strategic contract with Eva, a leading figure in the bag industry from Balenbang.This also marks, SilkChain team in the Indonesian market to expand the initial results.


Eva is a famous entrepreneur with local influence in Balenbang, Indonesia. Its stores are all over streets and alleyways, and its main products cover dozens of categories such as bags, clothes, and ornaments, with a monthly purchase amount of nearly $100,000. This cooperation has attracted local attention.

After the agreement is reached, the two sides will conduct cooperation in various fields. On the one hand, by placing orders on the Pasti Laku e-commerce platform, Eva enjoys the supply of goods from the Chinese factories provided by SilkChain, which helps her better control the purchase cost and improve market competitiveness. On the other hand, Eva will help expand the project in channels through its own resources. As more wholesalers, distributors and retailers use the Pasti Laku APP, the influence of buyers in Silk's ecological community will grow.

SilkChain global free trade zone aims to take the lead in transforming goods trade through blockchain technology. The establishment of Silk's value system is not overnight, but step by step.

We will continue to pay attention to the development trend of the Indonesian market, stay tuned! To know more information, please download official application SilkAll in time and the download link is