In the past half year of 2019, with the concerted efforts of SilkChain team, SilkChain, the first cross-border e-commerce blockchain, has achieved steady developments both online and offline, striving to give a satisfactory answer to the members of SilkChain community.

On the one hand, the application landing project of SilkChain based on the Indonesian market is progressing smoothly, with the market development in full swing. Since the operation of Silk Super Node Franchisee Service Center in Indonesia at the end of last year, the SilkChain team has fully connected with local small and medium-sized merchants, trade service providers, importers and exporters to actively carry out negotiations and cooperation.

Currently, SilkChain has entered into e-commerce cooperation with several super nodes. The e-commerce platforms Pasti Laku and IndoBags, which are preferentially developed by SilkChain, have entered into a virtuous circle. Meantime, the SilkChain team actively layout the Chinese supply chain market, and directly connect with the Chinese factories, to ensure the supply of cheap and high-quality goods for Indonesian buyers. These developments indicate that the advantages of B2B2C e-commerce model of SilkChain have gradually emerged, which is conducive to the return and reconstruction of the value of SILK token.


On the other hand, under the favorable blockchain background with BTC price rising again this year, the price of SILK token has risen steadily. What’s more, SilkChain has cooperated with the well-known blockchain exchange currency CoinTiger recently, taking advantage of the opportunity to expand the blockchain market. With the launch of the second IEO project of Cointiger on July 4, 2019, 2,500 shares of Silk worth 500,000 USDT for the IEO were snapped up in 5 seconds. When the SILK/USDT trading pair went online at 16:00 on July 5, the opening price of SILK token skyrocketed by more than 300%.

In addition, SILK has been actively traded since the SILK/USDT trading pair went online, with the daily trading volume jumping from less than 100,000 RMB to about 10 million RMB at present, which has brought a huge new force to the SilkChain community. The official launch of SILK token on Cointiger marks a milestone for its development in 2019. In the future, SILK will launch on more blockchain exchanges, further activating the global trading market of the first cross-border blockchain.


In order to facilitate global investors to trade SILK, CoinTiger will open the function of Silk recharge in the near future. Please pay close attention to the announcement on CoinTiger's official website ( for specific information. For more dynamic news about SilkChain project, please focus on the SilkChain official website or download the official APP SilkAll at