In order to achieve community prosperity and share the huge dividends brought about by ecological development, as well as establish the value system of Silk, hundreds of super nodes for different industries are planned by SilkChain. Since PT Paloma Shopway becoming Silk super node, Paloma actively execute with the rights and responsibilities of a super node. Facing potential Indonesia market, Paloma and SilkChain, which will launch the Plan of Silk Super Node Franchisee in Indonesia for e-commerce with Silk Token economy.

Cooperate with China Factories to Solve the Products Problem of Shortage in Indonesia 

In emerging countries in economic development, the terminal of SMS buyers purchasing cost is high. Because the supply chain is not developed, several service providers between the terminal of SMS buyers and factories. Even more so Indonesia, which is Thousand Island Country. SilkChain has completed the initial integration of the supply chain as well as the connection between the centralized procurement center of Chinese manufacturers and global large-scale commercial nodes, especially the Belt-and-Road countries. SilkChain not only for Silk Node - Paloma and its own community builds its own selection, can also provide supply chain to solve the problem of shortage. According to the characteristics of the Indonesian consumers like to buy promotion and low price products, it will bring more clients and profits for businesses. 

Huge Potential E-commerce Market in Indonesia

Indonesia has the world's fourth consumer confidence index and 51% of mobile Internet penetration. From 2016 to 2017, Indonesia's total online trading as high as $53 billion. Bank Indonesia is expected to total trade in 2020 will reach $130 billion, Indonesia will become Southeast Asia's biggest e-commerce market. With the rapid development of mobile Internet and e-commerce market, Indonesia will be the next capital and enterprises of the battlefield. Therefore, selection is a blockchain innovation project between Paloma and SilkChain in Indonesia. SilkChain implants Silk in Paloma commercial ecosystem with blockchain technology for the blockchain business ecosystem.

The Plan of Silk Super Node Franchisee in Indonesia

To expanding the community, boosting the ecosystem, and improving the liquidation of Silk tokens, Paloma will launch the plan of Silk super node Franchisee in Indonesia and SilkChain will recruit 200-300 local franchisees in Indonesia to become super nodes or nodes.

In order to ensure the plan smoothly, Paloma will form a large professional operating team in Indonesia, is mainly responsible for business, training, promotion and operation. According to Indonesia's Trade Centre, Paloma will launch reward program and tenants gathering to attract more members and franchisees joining in Silk ecological system. In addition, SilkChain will also build Silk Super Node Franchisee Service Center in Indonesia. It depends on enough cross-border e-commerce creation experience, fully integrates global supply chain resources and provides services for super nodes or nodes in Indonesia.

As the Selection APP of Silk Node – Paloma will online soon, SilkChain will launch Paloma series and update every progress, please stay tuned! To know more information about SILK Super Node Election, please download official application SilkAll in time and the download link is