1. The SilkChain collects and updates FAQ for users, which detailed in the "FAQ" below the homepage of the website.

2. Suntex Selection of application dividend plan will be opened on October 31, 2018. Now user can through"SilkAll > Mining > Apps Dividend > Suntex Selection" to learn more.

3. For financial security of user accounts, 2FA (Two-factor authentication) will be set up in SilkAll. It is expected to go online next week.

4. The third party application of SilkChain can authorize SilkAll account to login. (English and Chinese are both available)

5. The function of SilkPay one-step payment has been launched in both English and Chinese.

6. After the users complete the SilkPay one-step payment, the system will send the consumption reminder through email or SMS.

7. The charge commission function has been optimized in SilkPay.