Dear users in the Silk global community,

We are pleased to announce that SilkChain has been selected by CoinTiger as the new project of the second stage IEO in 2019, which will be available for purchase on July 4. 

Users who participate in the new IEO need to hold a certain amount of TCH to obtain SILK subscription qualification and apply for SILK share in a certain proportion. The detailed information is as follows:

Start time: 12:00-14:00, July 4, 2019

Token symbol: SILK

Currency for exchange: USDT

Ratio: 1 SILK = 0.001 USDT

Circulation: 500,000,000 SILK

Total shares: 2,500

Eligibility: Maximum 3 shares for each participant

Price per share: 1 share = 200 USDT = 200,000 SILK

For more detailed participation rules, please refer to the official announcement from CoinTiger: 


Launching on CoinTiger and participating in the IEO is a milestone for the development of SILK in 2019. The achievements of SILK in the past year and the overseas landing of applications are gaining more and more recognition from exchanges. In the future, SILK will launch on more high-quality exchanges to promote the better integration of SILK Token with community development.

International Trade Digitization Commission 

June 28, 2019