SilkChain News

SilkChain Successfully Signed Indonesian Bag Industry Big Shot to Promote the Silk Value Return and Reconstruction

Since the release and promotion meeting of Pasti Laku e-commerce platform was held in Indonesia, the SilkChain team cooperated with the super node Pasti Laku team...

The E-Commerce Platform Pasti Laku is Successfully Promoted in Sumenep 04-04

The Promotion Conference of E-Commerce Platform Pasti Laku Has Been Held in Indonesia 03-29

The E-Commerce Platform Pasti Laku is Launched for the World's First 03-18

With the Development of SilkChain in Indonesian Market, More Buyers Want to Join the Silk Ecological Community 03-01

SilkChain Helps the Largest Wholesale and Retail Center of the Kingdom of Bahrain to Complete the IT Transformation 01-31

T-Bag Becomes the Super Node and SilkChain Keeps on Seizing the Largest Wholesale Market in Indonesia 01-17

IndoBags is Popular in Indonesia! Silk Node - DZ Rapidly Responds to the Market 01-10

For Middle East Market, SilkChain is Ready to Provide One-Stop Blockchain and Token Solutions for Dragon City Bahrain 12-26

Content Service Upgrade! Odoor 2.0 is Launched in SilkAll for the World's First 12-19

DZ Becomes the Super Node and Silk Supply Chain Service Center is Officially Opened 12-18

Pasti Laku with Ten Franchisees Will Purchase 30,000,000 Silk Tokens from the Secondary Market Recently 12-07

SilkChain's Push Into the World's Fourth Largest Consumer Market is in Progress! Silk Super Node Franchisee Service Center is Officially in Operation 11-30

The First Super Node Application of SilkChain Ecology - Pasti Laku is Officially Launched 11-22

Silk Node - Suntex Has Ordered Luggage and Bags through Silk and Establishes Own Brand JC LEWIS 11-19

Through Silk a Cross-Border Direct Purchase of Half Million RMB Has Been Facilitated for the First Time by Silk Node - Paloma 11-15

Silk Super Node Franchisee Service Center will be Established which is Expected to Service 300 Super Nodes 11-14

Suntex Jclewis International Inc Officially Becomes the Super Node of SilkChain 11-12

Hundreds of Indonesia Franchisees are Expected to Become Super Nodes or Nodes of SilkChain 11-10

SilkPay is a Global Crypto Currency Payment Service Platform 11-09