SilkChain News

T-Bag Becomes the Super Node and SilkChain Keeps on Seizing the largest Wholesale Market in Indonesia

As the SILK super node, Pasti Laku is responsible to expanding the community, boosting the ecosystem, and improving the liquidation of Silk Tokens. Through the Plan of Silk Super Node Franchisee in Indonesia...

IndoBags is Popular in Indonesia! Silk Node - DZ Rapidly Responds to the Market 01-10

For Middle East Market, SilkChain is Ready to Provide One-Stop Blockchain and Token Solutions for Dragon City Bahrain 12-26

Content Service Upgrade! Odoor 2.0 is Launched in SilkAll for the World's First 12-19

DZ Becomes the Super Node and Silk Supply Chain Service Center is Officially Opened 12-18

Pasti Laku with Ten Franchisees Will Purchase 30,000,000 Silk Tokens from the Secondary Market Recently 12-07

SilkChain's Push Into the World's Fourth Largest Consumer Market is in Progress! Silk Super Node Franchisee Service Center is Officially in Operation 11-30

The First Super Node Application of SilkChain Ecology - Pasti Laku is Officially Launched 11-22

Silk Node - Suntex Has Ordered Luggage and Bags through Silk and Establishes Own Brand JC LEWIS 11-19

Through Silk a Cross-Border Direct Purchase of Half Million RMB Has Been Facilitated for the First Time by Silk Node - Paloma 11-15

Silk Super Node Franchisee Service Center will be Established which is Expected to Service 300 Super Nodes 11-14

Suntex Jclewis International Inc Officially Becomes the Super Node of SilkChain 11-12

Hundreds of Indonesia Franchisees are Expected to Become Super Nodes or Nodes of SilkChain 11-10

SilkPay is a Global Crypto Currency Payment Service Platform 11-09

The Third Party Amusement Application - Crash and Diviner Release New Games 11-08

The World’s First Blockchain Advertising Market Platform - Odoor is Introduced into Silk Selection 11-07

The Official Demonstration Project of SilkChain Ecological Community Super Node -Silk Selection Has Been Launched 10-29

PT Paloma Shopway Becomes the First Global Super Node of SilkChain 10-12

Silk has Been Listed on HitBTC Exchange 10-10

Silk Will List on BitoPro Exchange Soon 09-27