In order to achieve community prosperity and share the huge dividends brought about by ecological development, as well as establish the value system of Silk, SilkChain has launched SILK Super Node Election. Up to now, PT Paloma Shopway and Suntex Jclewis International Inc have become super node. What's more, there are more than 20 recognized enterprises applying for becoming super node. In the future, Silk Super Node Franchisee Service Center will be established which is expected to serve 300 super nodes.

The Basic Requirement of  Super Node Franchisee

The SILK super nodes are the high-level benefit owners of SilkChain's ecosystem. In the mean time, the SILK super nodes are responsible to expanding the community, boosting the ecosystem, and improving the liquidation of Silk tokens. Applicators for becoming a SILK super node shall be mature enterprises or organizations with 3,000,000 Silk tokens purchased from the secondary market and hold for long-term.

The Decision-making Mechanism of SILK Super Node

Every Silk super node has the voting rights for adding & revising the mechanism, terms, and regulations of the Silk super nodes. Before the existence of 30 SILK super nodes, the International Trade Digitalization Commission (ITDC) has the final decision-making rights. After that, a decision-making committee will be elected under negotiation & voting of 30 SILK super nodes under supervision of ITDC and all members of the SilkChain ecosystem for each decision-making.

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When Franchisees become SILK Super Node, they will freely obtain their own selection and APP for selling all products on this platform as well as on their own flagship stores. They can also share dividends from sellings on the platform and develop other participants to join in selection for earning dividends.

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