SilkPay, founded in 2017, is the world's well-known online payment platform whose core members are from the senior internet payment industry and the operation team of international e-commerce enterprises. SilkPay has rich experiences in payment operation and management and there is a complete risk prevention mechanism in platform. What's more, SilkPay is dedicated to improving the cross-border trade payment of SMEs' market with a value of 12 trillion US dollar, and it can provide a convenient and prompt payment service such as paying and receiving Silk, global bank telegraphic transfer, payment gateway and so on. Join the GitHub developer community through for more technical information.

The Advantages of SilkPay

SilkPay has the following four competitive advantages. First, lower cost, that means you are free for Silk paying and receiving. Second, high efficiency. You can enjoy the safe and simple transaction proccess, and you can complete your transaction at any time. Third, safety compliance. SilkPay has the certification of PCI & DSS, the verification of KYC and AML/CFT. Finally, inclusiveness. SilkPay can customize payment solutions according to the actual situation. On the basis of these advantages, SilkPay will provide more excellent service to all users.

The Security Assurance of SilkPay
Win-win co-operation: Silk Pay, with 10 years' experience of cooperating with the international well-known risk control system, has established all-round controlling management of risk and cheat.
Comprehensive protection: your payment will be in all-around protection with the risk controlling and anti-cheating system. At the same time, every transaction will be protected by advanced encryption and 24 hours' risk monitoring in data base of SilkPay risk controlling system.
Intelligent analysis: provide real-time and effective transaction risk warning and intelligent analysis report of various transaction to users. What's more, users can make comprehensive online and offline analysis to block blacklist effectively.

Based on Silk, SilkPay is a global crypto currency payment service platform, providing crypto currency payment for global users.

If you have questions, please contact us via, we will reply to you as soon as possible. Register and enjoy SilkPay excellent services!

The Rules & Regulations of Charge Fee Receiving
1. The charge fee of paying: users pay merchant developer SILK via SilkPay, and merchants need to pay 1% charge fee to SilkPay;
2. The charge fee of transferring: merchant developers (for example: Crash) transfer SILK from SilkPay to other users' account, and merchant developers need to pay 0.2% charge fee to SilkPay (500 Silk at most);
3. The charge fee of withdrawing: users and merchant developers (for example: Crash) withdraw SILK from SilkPay to ERC20 address, and they need to pay 0.2% charge fee to SilkPay (500 Silk at most).

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