In order to meet the needs of SilkChain ecosystem development and give full play to the advantages of blockchain trading platform, as well as share the huge dividends of ecological development, the official demonstration project of SilkChain ecological community super node - Silk Selection has launched recruitment plan in the worldwide. To provide quality services for global Silk ecosystem members, we recruit global outstanding suppliers who export products to China market.

The Basic Requirement of Supplier
The Requirements of Product Categories for Exporting to China

High quality products and famous quality products suitable for the China market, including export food, cosmetics, luxury goods, household appliances, health care products, etc.

The Requirements of Suppliers for Exporting to China
Enterprises must give the source of the foreign trade products factory to export China market. Enterprise management of products have the brand influence is preferred.
Suppliers support generation delivery with some products and low requirement for MOQ.
Some suppliers will have been invited to become the seller for China market and have their own online stores.
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In order to develop application, expand the scale of community, promote Silk value and make it returns the essence of value investment, SilkChain insists on the business model described in WhitePaper. We cordially invite qualified suppliers to work with SilkChain to build an equal and mutually beneficial international trade ecology, achieve community prosperity and share the huge dividends of ecological development.

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