About SilkAll

What is SilkAll?

SilkAll, as the official entrance of the Eco-city of Silk, based on blockchain technology, is an operating system designed for Silk ecological applications developed by SilkChain. Tens thousands of cross-border trade participants (such as manufacturers, importers and exporters, E-commerce platform, trade centers, service providers such as banks, logistics , etc.) cross-border consumer participants (such as hotels, schools, medical institutions, the scenic spot, intermediary institutions), and  third-party developers, together constitute the social system of the Eco-city of Silk. Through SilkAll, all the members of the community will be hand in hand to build the international trade of ecological equality and reciprocity, and they can share the huge bonuses of ecological development.

Who can join SilkAll?
Highlights of SilkAll

As the official entrance of the Eco-city of Silk, SilkAll provides basic functions, such as registration of SilkChain accounts, wallet checking and automatic mining. At the same time, it also carries various applications of SilkChain ecosystem, such as interactive shopping, social entertainment, trade service, etc.

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What kinds of APP are suitable for SilkAll?

What is your benefit by joining SilkAll?

Benefits of SilkAll to users
Benefits of SilkAll to developers
Technical Support
Traffic & Users
Investment Support
SilkAll provides developers with complete software development interfaces and toolkits covering user information, payment, marketing, data analysis, user motivation and instant messaging
SilkAll provides millions of users with the entire SilkChain. At the same time, diversified applications will attract more users from more fields and reuse them to increase flow
SilkAll, following certain standards, offers a significant amount of free investment support for developers

Join SilkAll

Log in with SilkChain wallet account
1. Scan the QR code, download SilkAll APP and install it;
2. Enter the password of the SilkChain wallet account and log in.
User registration
1. Scan the QR code, download SilkAll APP and install it;
2. Create Account and fill in the basic information to register.
Developer login process
ApplicationCreate AppsService ReleaseService Management

Download APP

To download App, scan the QR code
or use your phone to visit our website:  www.silkchain.io

Reminder:  to users who have installed SilkAll Beta,
in the interest of your asset safetyplease uninstall the Beta APP, before you install the formal version of SilkAll.